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October 1, 2019

Saudi Arabia Parts the Veils for Tourism
Global Travel Booms as US Travel Bombs
Haunted in America: Very Scary Places

Going Solo: Next Frontier of Travel
Africa’s Green Season: Ripe for Safaris


Saudi Arabia Parts the Veils for Tourism

Saudi Arabia has remained off limits for all but the most hardened travelers or piously religious pilgrims -- until now.


Global Travel Booms as US Travel Bombs

Travel around the world is up 6 percent, but in a condition often tabbed as the “Trump Effect," inbound travel to the U.S. has been dropping steadily in light of regular gun massacre incidents, economic affronts aimed at China, offensive international diplomacy policies, and continued strength of the dollar.


Halloween: Visit America's Most Haunted

The popularity of haunted attractions continues to soar as a way to escape routines, conquer anxiety, and find selfie-worthy, action-filled experiences. Visitors don’t take this entertainment sitting down -- the best haunted attractions keep things moving in adrenaline-infused frights. These mega-haunts go the distance to bring on the ghosts.


New Joys of Traveling Solo

Solo travel is not only a one-of-a-kind experience. It is one of the fastest growing travel categories and allows travelers to master their time, exploring the world on personal terms. Data from Expedia’s first Solo Travel Report reveals 60% of travelers plan to take a solo trip within the next two years, proving people want more flexibility, convenience, and autonomy from their vacations.


Africa's Green Season: Ripe for Safaris

Africa has its own seasons. From November to April, while American and European families are donning winter coats and pushing through winter’s wrath, the great plains of Kenya are springing to life with fresh green growth on hardy acacias and lofty crotons and flaming red blooms on ubiquitous tulip trees.

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