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September 1, 2019

American Travelers: Top Concerns for 2019
Hotel Fees: Getting Their Day in Court
Virtuoso: Top Hotels of the World
Thailand Style: Adventurous, Simple, Free
Koh Kood: Thailand's Island Beyond Time


Economy, Climate: Top Concerns for Travelers

The results of a recently released annual survey paint a picture of rapidly changing priorities among travelers, driven by growing concerns over safety, more conscious travel values and the quick adoption new platforms in the sharing economy. The research hails from the 2019 Portrait of American Travelers survey.


Hotel Fees: Are They Here to Stay?

If you have been to a hotel or a resort lately, you likely saw some unexpected hotel fees tacked on to the bottom of your bill. Hotel and resort fees are nothing new. We have been seeing “fee creep” for years and find ourselves either accepting these unwanted pests as part of the price of traveling. Until now.


Top Hotels 2019, According to Virtuoso

Global luxury travel network Virtuoso revealed this year’s winners in its Best of the Best awards, taking votes from its 20,000 travel advisors in 50 countries in categories ranging from best wellness program to best dining experience. Not surprisingly, Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris was crowned with the most prestigious prize: Hotel of the Year.


Thailand for Carefree, Adventurous Travelers

Thailand loves tourists. With some 40 million international visitors a year coming through its portals, the roaring tourism economy accounts for a fifth of its GDP. And while over-tourism has been a concern in some popular spots a reduction in visitors from China, as well as a strong Thai baht, are slowing down the regional arrival numbers. 


Koh Kood: Island Beyond Time in Thailand

Thailand is not an easy trot from the U.S. Yet, Americans are coming -- in droves -- and seeking one of a kind experiences that pop. Here's a spot that will not disappoint.

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