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December 15, 2017

Changing World of Luxury Travel

Luxury travel has many faces. Not long ago luxury travel meant "traveling in style" through first class transportation, plush hotel accommodations, and the table of choice at five-star restaurants. Luxury travel was a state of mind and lifestyle few people could achieve. That was then, and this is now.


Where are Americans Headed this Winter?

Paris is back. Following a drop in bookings from U.S. travelers who chose not to spend their holiday in Paris last year, the City of Lights now projects a 16.3 percent increase in U.S. visitors for the 2017 season, according to a survey conducted by Allianz Global Assistance.


Winter in Vermont at Twin Farms

Vermont winters are not for sissies. But they can be a snow globe paradise for seekers of romantic cabins, warm and aglow against frosted windows, and days spent snow shoeing or cross-country skiing along gleaming white trails of rare earthly purity.


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Best Time to Buy an Air Ticket

Deals on air tickets are easier to find than you think, especially for trips planned for the coming winter season, according to data extracted from 60 million users of Skyscanner. 


Mallorca ... with The Night Manager

It’s difficult to discuss Mallorca without calling in breathtaking vistas and cliff top castle keeps that played front and center in the 2016 BBC series of the John Le Carré thriller, “The Night Manager.” With some leading man magic lent by Tom Hiddleston as Jonathan Pine and sizzle set aglow by one Elizabeth Debicki as Jed, Mallorca is seeing grand upticks in tourism and easily shows off just how sumptuous a stay on this island can be.


Wellness Travel Trends for 2018

In an increasingly chaotic world it is not surprising that wellness travel should be the fastest-growing sector of the travel industry, comprising some 15 percent of the global travel pie. Here are just a few of the trends travel planners can expect to see over the coming year in the world of wellness travel.