December 15, 2016

A Look at Hotels of the Future 
Travel at its Simplest: The Key to Happiness
Chablé Opens in the Yucatan
Top 7 Adventure Tour Destinations for 2017
When Time is Money for Clients
Ready for Your First Rodeo? Dude Ranches


What the Future Hotels Will Look Like 

The hotels of the future will likely look far different than what they are today. When travelers check into a hotel in 2060 they can expect it to feature augmented reality, artificial intelligence, morphing beds, robotics, touchscreen everything, hyper connectivity and much more, as revealed by a new Hotels of the Future study. 


Is Travel the Secret to Happiness?

According to Booking.com, vacations bring people more happiness than their wedding day. More than half the people in a recent survey said they prefer traveling over going on a date with their partner; three quarters of those asked said they would book a vacation to cheer themselves up when they’re in need of a happiness boost; seven of ten said the best holiday is one where they can make themselves at home in their accommodation.


Chablé Opens with Magical Mystique

One of the newest resorts to open on the Yucatan Peninsula may also be one of the most intriguing. Chablé Resort, located some 25 miles from Merida, opened this week with 40 ultra deluxe villas and 750 acres of Mayan forest to create a private retreat that not only takes guests back in time, it slows time down to a long, drawn breath.  


Ready for Your First Rodeo?  

Urban cowboys and nature lovers find privately sought dreams on these spreads, if only for a week, attended by rough and tumble ranch hands who know a thing or two. Whether romancing the big skies, improving riding and roping skills, or huddling with the company brass for some strategizing and team building, a ranch retreat is a wonderful way to get away and connect with one’s inner cowboy.


Top 7 Adventure Tour Spots for 2017

With the holiday season and new year just ahead, attention has quickly turning from beach getaways and barbecues to holiday travel planning. Stride Travel, the largest search and reviews site for tours and adventure experiences, has provided some insights into the top trending adventure tour destinations for 2017.


Travel: When Time is Money

An annual traveler survey from Choice Hotels reveals Americans will increase travel spending in 2017, and identifies the top domestic and international destinations for this spending. 


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