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December 1, 2018

AirHelp: Money is in the Air

My story is not unusual. I was heading home from the island of Mallorca last October. There was nothing brewing in the weather and, indeed, the waves of tourists that summer brings were long gone. I headed to the low-cost carrier I was taking back to Los Angeles, checked in, snaked through security, made it to the gate in plenty of time - and waited. And waited.


Heavy Lifting: Airlines Eye the Ever-Expanding Passenger

The numbers are neither startling nor new. Greater than one in three (39.8 percent) of Americans are obese, according to the CDC. That means nearly 100 million US adults are officially overweight and may be flying soon in a seat near you. Or you may be one of the many flyers these days who has to fit into a shrinking airline seat and manage yoga maneuvers to use the airline lavatory on a five-hour flight from New York to Los Angeles. 


A Way Out West Winter Wonderland

Winter at The Lodge & Spa at Brush Creek Ranch is idyllic and one that affords a perfect backdrop for some of the most sought-out winter activities. But it's the cozy lodging under Wyoming's open skies that really draws the ahhhs. 


Struck by the Travel Curse?

Sweaty palms at the airport? A new study looking at the travel experiences of some 2,000 Americans determined that 14 percent seem to experience so much bad luck when they travel that they believe themselves to be truly cursed. And, it seems, once it strikes the curse just keeps on cursing, at least according to nearly three-quarters of those who feel they've been nabbed by the travel hex.


Simplifying Payment Systems in Travel

As technology and banking become better bedfellows, new methods of thinking about the banking process have allowed such companies as ConnexPay to create newer, simpler and, often less expensive, ways of processing transactions. This is especially true in the areas of travel and e-commerce.


How to Build a $Million Travel Business

Building a million dollar travel business is not unlike building a million dollar empire in any industry. It takes time, it takes a village. It takes grit. But in the travel business there are many paths to building revenue and sales. Avoya Travel released insights last week from its 2019 Wave Season Survey of top producing Independent Agencies to reveal best practices and tactics that work, especially as what is known as "wave season" in the travel industry approaches.

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