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December 1, 2017

Costa Rica for the Holidays?

The holidays can be a particularly stressful time with few antidotes in sight. Fortunately, the cure for family, traffic, nasty lines, merchandise purchases and returns, and oh, all that wrapping, is in a land not so far away.


USTOA Report: The Why of Travel

Will 2018 be a “boom” year for travel? That would be a yes if you are counting the opinions of companies selling high dollar tours to travelling Americans. In their annual survey of travel forecasts and trends, tour operator members of the United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA) are reporting a strikingly positive outlook for the industry in the year ahead. 


The Norman: Luxury in Tel Aviv

Seeking out a boutique hotel in Tel Aviv? The choices range from crowded hostels to quaint residences on quiet streets. Seeking for a luxury boutique hotel in Tel Aviv? That's quite another story. Luxury hotels in Tel Aviv used to be few and far between, usually following an international name brand and offering very little off the cookie cutter grid. Then came The Norman.


Sensorial Japan: Tempting Journeys of Immersion


AARP: Boomer Travel Trends

An AARP Baby Boomers report finds that, more than ever, international travelers want to see things from a local’s perspective when they travel.


USVI: The Calm After the Storms

The U.S. Virgin Islands are finally feeling some sunshine after two devastating category 5 hurricanes flattened these Caribbean islands last September. Tourism commissioner Beverly Nicholson Doty noted the cruise lines have returned, the rebuilding is underway and the islands of St Croix and St. Thomas are now back to 90 percent of their pre-storm booking numbers with full recovery expected in January.


Cruise News and Wave Season Tips

Exciting new spaces and new experiences designed for guests of all ages are coming to the Disney Magic in March 2018. From family dining in an enchanted kingdom, to a transformed teen club, to a sophisticated café exclusively for adults, the ship’s newest highlights include…