October 22, 2016 / Packages

10 Alternatives to Popular Holiday Spots 

There is a reason why everyone flocks to destinations like New York City, South Florida and Cancun in December and January. Between great weather, fun activities and festive atmospheres, they’re popular around the holidays year after year. But, your clients can still have all of that without the large crowds or high prices. Here are 10 great alternatives to traditionally popular holiday destinations.


Beyond Rome: New Wonder Ways of Italy

Rome is a magnet for visitors, but sometimes they struggle to escape its pull. That could change with the launch of a new collection of pilgrimage routes that begin or end in the Italian capital. The Italian Wonder Ways radiate outward from Rome, taking modern day pilgrims through the provinces of Umbria, Lazio, Tuscany and Marche.


Iceland has More U.S. Tourists than Citizens

According to new figures, American tourists will outnumber Icelanders in their own country by the end of the year. Iceland has welcomed 325,522 American tourists so far this year up to the end of September, according to data released from the Icelandic Tourism Board. The country has a total population of 332,000. Iceland has seen dramatic increases in American tourists since 2010, but the increase in the past two years is particularly staggering. 


The 20 Most Impressive Hotels Worldwide

The 20 most impressive hotels in the world are far more than a place to crash. Some are underwater. Some bathed in ice, others perched atop mountains, or awash in pure opulence. If your clients have the cash, these 20 lodgings will blow their mind.


Where to Stay in Venice: Best Areas to Hub

Venice is known as one of the most scenic and romantic cities on the planet. The city on a lagoon in Italy is surrounded by water, and it is a richly historic destination. Although the city is only home to about 250,000 residents, it is visited by over 20 million visitors every year. The history stretches back to the second century, although its true pinnacle was perhaps in the fourteenth, when the independent city state was the wealthiest spot in all of Europe.


8 Extravagant Safari Experiences in Kenya

The leisure safari was born in the 1920s when well heeled Europeans and Americans flocked to Africa to see and shoot the remarkable wildlife.  Reflecting the excess of the Roaring Twenties they traveled in style. These were tented camps outfitted with satin sheets and silver servings, gramophones and gourmet food and, of course, endless gin and tonics.


Easiest Ways to See the Grand Canyon