October 15, 2016

Best Time to Book a Cruise? New Insights

Many travelers seeking purchase a cruise may find cruise prices high one day and then, upon checking again later, prices have decreased. The biggest factor to consider in saving money is to determine the right moment when to book a cruise, says the Germany-based cruise price monitoring company, Cruisewatch.com. Based on an elaborate study that considered more than 25,000 cruise sailings, cruise prices drop the lowest five weeks before departure. 


Scenic Opal: Europe in a New Light 

By Norman Sklarewitz

Savvy agents have increasingly come to offer a river cruise to clients but probably not as a first option. After all, ocean cruising with all its razzle dazzle attractions and high profile publicity probably is suggested first to a prospect open to suggestions. And close behind might be a land tour to one of the latest hot destinations hyped by some show business celebrities as the locale for one of those reality shows.


A Taste of  Nicaragua at Mukul

Nicaragua has been gaining popularity with backpackers as the new cool place to surf and slum. But luxury travelers are now in for the ride, discovering a country of exotic jungles, rare volcanic splendors and now the dramatic and seductive beaches of the Emerald Coast. Top tier hospitality at Mukul Resort awaits those who want to immerse in the mystery and adventure, and simmer in the comforts of Nicaragua.


Ghosts of the Strip: Halloween in Vegas

Las Vegas is not for the faint of heart, especially on Halloween. The city is defined by extremes. Find the biggest hotels, hugest pools, tallest attractions and not surprisingly, scariest fright nights and the weirdest freak shows when it comes to All Hallows Eve.


Cool Icelandair Stopovers for Celebrations

From blowing out birthday candles in a volcano to meeting the Principle of Elfschool, heli-skiing on a honeymoon or planning the perfect proposal, Icelandair will more or less stop at nothing to give passengers their dream with its new Celebration Stopover Campaign.


Nat Geo, G Adventures Offer 18 New Trips

National Geographic Expeditions and G Adventures are giving partnership a boost with 18 new and exotic trips scheduled for 2017. These include tours through the storied the landscapes of Namibia, Japan, France and Canada, plus several U.S.-based tours into America's historic cities and national parks. 


Easiest Ways to See the Grand Canyon