October 7, 2016 / Packages Issue

7 Reasons to Visit Highclere Castle ... Post Downton Abbey

Fans around the world were distraught when Downton Abbey ended its sixth and final season. Arguably the most famous character in the show is still going strong, however: Downton Abbey itself, in real life Highclere Castle, 70 miles west of London in the English county of Hampshire.  It is only open to the public 70 days a year, with tickets proving hugely popular, but special events and parties also allow guests to experience the house and grounds first hand. 


Cruise lines Banning Samsung Phones 

Several major cruise lines, including Carnival and Royal Caribbean, the worlds largest and second largest cruise ship operators, have banned cruise passengers and crew members from using Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones on board their ships over fears of actual explosions caused by overheating.


Best Way to See the Northern Lights? By Sea

The long, dark nights of fall and winter bring one bright spot to those who venture to the most northerly reaches of the northern hemisphere, and that is the chance to see the mesmerizing Northern Lights. Each year, several cruise ships sail into the Arctic Circle between September and March, offering guests front-row seats in search of this hauntingly beautiful natural phenomenon.


Stays at 7 Stunning Hotels Owned by Celebs

Easy social media access to the lifestyles of celebrities has piqued the curiosity of millions, encouraging the masses to go where the famed and fortunate have also gone and to stay where they have stayed. In this lies the intrigue of celebrity owned hotels: an experience unique to public icons can be your own.



Over the Top Inauguration Packages in DC 

No matter who ends up in the White House, Washington, D.C., will throw its biggest party in four years on Jan. 20, and hotels are already gearing up for it. A number of Washington’s historic hotels are offering packages for stays in their presidential suites during Inauguration Week, and some have jaw-dropping price tags.


Most Scenic Hotels and Resorts in New England

Fall has arrived and it is just as wonderful a season as summer. With it comes football, nights spent snuggled fireside and changing leaves. And you could argue that nowhere does the latter two, or perhaps all three if you are a Patriots fan, as come together as beautifully as they do in New England.


Easiest Ways to See the Grand Canyon