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October 1, 2018

Overtourism: Walking Tours, Walking Dead

Travel and tourism is a thing of inestimable value to most people. We dream of new places and save up diligently for these aspirational moments. But when does a walking tour turn into a nightmarish episode from The Walking Dead?


Dark Tourism: Where to Find the Stars

Dark Tourism, a term more recently associated with quirky destinations associated with death and dying thanks to a trendy Netflix series, is now becoming popular with an unlikely fan base: families. That's because the term is taken for its more literal locution as a place where light is at its slightest and dark skies full of stars are at their brightest.



Inns of Happiness Now Open in Bhutan

If happiness is a place, it would have to be Bhutan -- a protected mountain kingdom wedged between India and China that bills itself as the home of happiness. It is into this Buddhist Shangri-La of 20,000-foot mountain peaks and subtropical plains that Six Senses Resorts & Spas is opening its next homage to the exotic. 


Airport Lures: Hubs of Glitter and Gold 

Think an airport is just a place to board planes? Think again. Airports, where the average traveler spends 137 minutes per trip lining up, sitting down, pacing, waiting … and waiting for their plane to start boarding are now becoming destinations in their own right –hubs of shopping, stylish dining, entertainment, exercise, even pampering.


Travel for the Good: Voluntourism 

During their travels in the past few years, 81 percent of millennials volunteered in the destinations they visited, 78 percent donated cash, and 83 percent gave in-kind to help with local development, according to those polled in a study from Tourism Cares. In fact, a benchmark study released by the Stanford Business School in 2010 indicated that having a higher purpose always boosts the happiness quotient.


Hotel Bills: Hear the Drip, Drip, Drip

How much does that hotel room actually cost? In travel, it can be hard to get a straight answer.

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