September 22, 2016 / Packages Issue

Red Scare: China's Scariest Attractions

There are plenty of strange sights to keep you entertained in China, but not satisfied with this basic level of weirdness, the country has been redoubling efforts to attract visitors with ever wackier. if not terrifying attractions. This summer alone, China has unveiled three variously inventive ways to endanger the lives of plucky visitors. Here are a few choice picks of its most extreme attractions, past and present.


Top Trends in Fall Tourism for 2016

A recent survey shows Americans are planning to spend $2,836 per person on an average to travel this fall, and that is higher than summer travel spending. Also, the average total cost of a trip is expected to be 5.7 percent higher than last fall.


Great Holiday Cruises to Plan for this Year

From Halloween to the eve of the New Year, cruise lines have a line up  of 2016 holiday vacations ready to set sail. This is a sampling of upcoming festivities to look forward to from several of them.


Down Abby Road: In the Footsteps of Fab 4

With the release of documentary film, The Beatles: Eight Days A Week,  The Touring Years, from award-winning director, Ron Howard, those who want to keep the music alive after the credits finish rolling, should know about the host of Beatles attractions they can visit in the U.K.



Soaking it up in SoCal: Spectacular LA Pools 

Year round swimming weather and a decent poolside fish taco are good enough perks at many hotel pools in and around Los Angeles. But, here are a half dozen posh hotel pool experiences well worth the extra plunge.


Rotorua: New Zealand's Hot Adventure Spot 

Rotorua, on the North Island of New Zealand, was attracting international visitors long before Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson made the landscape there irresistible to the world. Its Pink and White Terraces, dubbed the first tourist attractions here, were the largest siliceous sinter deposits in the world before they were destroyed in an 1886 volcanic eruption


Easiest Ways to See the Grand Canyon