September 15, 2016

Brexit Bath Turning into American Tsunami

American travelers are indeed using the so-called Brexit Benefit to their advantage, according to Travel Leaders Group, and creating a Yankee tide to the shores of the United Kingdom. Travel Leaders took a nationwide survey of travel agents, and, for the first time ever in its Fall Travel Survey, London claimed the top spot among international destinations.


Best Times for Holiday Air Ticket Savings

Americans planning to travel for Thanksgiving or Christmas should book air travel at the six-week sweet-spot to avoid paying top dollar to popular destinations. That is one of the findings from a recent report released by Hipmunk, examining the optimal time to buy plane tickets to lock in the best prices for the November and December holidays.


Point Blank: Best Airlines for Flight Rewards

Even with those optimal advance purchases, travelers to smaller markets will contend with bigger price tags. For those planning to use points to fly, new calculations in wake of American Airlines change to fare based rewards, show that low cost carriers Southwest and JetBlue continue to offer US flyers the lowest average reward seat pricing.


Small Ship Cruising on the True North

Remote small ship cruises are few in number but huge in bucket list value. Perhaps the most notable of these is the True North super yacht run by North Star Cruises that plies the waters of Australia and Papua New Guinea and offers an adventure luxury trip that would be hard-pressed to find any comparables.



Six Photo Journeys at the Ends of the Earth

Travel with purpose can be the most gratifying especially with the purpose of bringing home amazing photographs. The following photo safaris by top expert outdoor tour companies will interest anyone with a camera, a sense of adventure and a desire to learn.


Cool Things to Do on a Costa Rica Vacation

Costa Rica has the diverse natural landscapes and terrain that set the stage for coast-to-coast, action-packed adventures. Thanks to the compact size of the country, travelers looking for extreme adventures can participate in any and all adventures they wish with ease, and those who are pressed can have a fulfilling experience even with as little as 48 hours. 


Easiest Ways to See the Grand Canyon