September 7, 2016

Where is Safe? Travelers Seek Havens in Wake of Europe Attacks

In the months since the November terrorist attack in Paris and the March bombing of the Brussels airport, Americans did something that may seem counterintuitive. They went to Europe more, with travelers up 5 percent in April, according to the Department of Commerce National Travel & Tourism Office.  


Five Iceland Attractions Worth the Journey

Between Icelandair and its Stopover Buddy Service and the glorious videos popping up that show the immaculate landscape of the country, Iceland is putting itself on the adventure map. 


Posh Pods: Tokyo's Coolest Capsule Hotels

Two Japanese businessmen sip whiskey in a Tokyo hotel lobby bar.  Next to them, a woman in business attire dress puffs away on a cigarette while chatting to two Western backpackers. It's an unusual sight to many eyes but it's not an untypical night in this most trendy Tokyo inn that happens to be a swanky, upscale capsule hotel.


25 Hot USA Tourist Attractions

One of the hottest U.S. attractions for travelers is also among its newest: One World Observatory. The observatory atop One World Trade Center, easily the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, opened in late May 2015. Since then, interest in the destination has surged about 340 percent.



10 of Cuba's Best Natural Attractions

Thanks to the easing of travel restrictions and the start of commercial air service, more Americans will soon be able to go to Cuba. Because the island has been off-limits to U.S. tourists for so long, travelers might not know what to expect. 


Vietnamese Attraction with a Two-Year Wait

Vietnam is home to some of the most incredible caves in the world. The famous Hang Son Doong cave system is 40 stories at its tallest height, wide enough to accommodate a 747, and even has its own weather system. But anyone looking to explore the caves is going to have a 2-year wait ahead of them. Oxalis is the only company to currently offer trips to the caves.


Easiest Ways to See the Grand Canyon