August 1, 2016

Is Vacation Confidence Staying Aloft?

Are Americans traveling as much as they once did? If you are looking at metrics for summer vacation 2016 specifically, the answer is no according to Allianz. Do Americans want to travel as much or more than they once did? If you are looking at recent numbers from MMGY Global, the answer is yes. Are Americans spending more than they once did? If you are looking at numbers from those who are traveling the answer is an absolute, yes.


Which is Hotter for 2016: Cuba or Iran?

Cuba may have been the "it" destination for the past 18 months, but 2016 is seeing Iran take its turn at the international forefront of the coolest places to go. Since economic sanctions were lifted in January, intrepid travelers have set out to explore Iran's fabulous bazaars, amazing archaeological sites, and, not so surprisingly, warm and friendly people.


Maximizing India: Luxury in Adventure

If your client has a bucket list, visiting India inevitably will be on it. And to make that visit to India count it should be managed in style. A customized itinerary arranged by Banyan Tours & Travels is a good place to start and the luxury experiences to be found with a property owned by SUJAN marks a good place to stay.


Cruising: Skip the Veranda; Book the Suite

Not all cruises are created equal and not all vacations are either. If a cruise is on the horizon for your client, Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) says upgrading is the way to go. And for many who once were ecstatic to move from port hole to patio, these days it means moving to a whole new level of expectations, amenities and service.


Are Boom Times for Hotels Turning to Thuds?

After enjoying several years of what was one coined "irrational exuberance," halcyon days for the hospitality industry may be coming to an end.


Betting on Bogota: Gateway to South America

Bogota is becoming its own special paradise and that can be as old as the Spanish conquests, as new as the latest luxury hotels and as smart and fast to adapt as the apps on your client's phone.


Easiest Ways to See the Grand Canyon