July 22, 2016

From the Bridge: Brexit Effect for Cruising

In all the hubbub of post-Brexit anxiety, cruisers want to know: What does this mean for travel planning? At least for now, cruise line executives are telling passengers it is business as usual: Keep Calm and Cruise On.


Chicest Luxury Cruises in the Mediterranean

Cruises can have a bad rap, whether for cramped quarters, impersonal staff, or general kitsch. And when you are stuck at sea for days, those things can really render your trip a disaster. But these luxury cruise liners take the experience to the next level, combining the upscale amenities of a luxury hotel with immersive adventure and wanderlust appeal.


Is Summer in Siberia the Next Frontier? 

Winters in Siberia are relentless. On Lake Baikal, the largest freshwater lake in the world by volume, the ice freezes meters thick. The temperature regularly reaches the negatives. The only salvation is the banya, a Russian sort of sauna where one sits in steam and then runs outside and plunges into ice-cold water before returning again. Good for circulation, they say.


7 Things to Know about Travel to Cuba Now

Cuba will not be a time capsule for long. The American tourist tsunami is coming, and soon. The U.S. flag now flies over the American embassy in Havana as Americans book rooms through Airbnb and Starwood. Cuba is on almost every list of top places to see in 2016, alluring for its picturesque cityscapes, mojitos, cigars and pristine beaches ... now. 


Art Lover's Guide to Washington, DC

Washington, D.C., has its own style. Against a backdrop of classical giants like the National Gallery of Art, the nation’s capital boasts a fresh, dynamic, experiential scene that continues to morph and transform in exciting new ways. 


50 Great Hotels in Britain for Summer

Fiona Duncan, hotel expert, introduces her guide to the 50 best hotels in Britain for summer fun. 


Easiest Ways to See the Grand Canyon