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July 15, 2017

Game of Thrones Scenes for Tours

As Game of Thrones season 7 sets the cable boxes on wildfire this summer, fans are not waiting for winter to come to enjoy vacations inspired by the Seven Kingdoms. A dramatic hike in searches to the stunning destinations featured in the series has turned GoT tours into a premium product.


Tips for the Great American Eclipse

On Aug. 21, millions of people in the U.S. will see day turn to night as a total solar eclipse passes over North America. Lucky eclipse watchers will be situated in or near American cities and towns under its path, where a variety celebrations will be underway as scientists gear up and laymen prepare to peer into a universe otherwise always obscured by solar rays.


Exotic Spots for Revving Romance

Every romance stands to benefit from the steroidal boost that an exotic island getaway can give. Some island escapes, however, can leave a couple cold while other exotic island getaways will simply will take their breath away.


Cruising to Cuba Before You Can’t

Cuba is getting a lot of attention lately, both as an exotic and, since 2015, place to visit freely. But Cuba may become off limits once again as the Trump administration brashly unravels all the political gains of the past eight years. For now the most confident way to travel to Cuba is by cruise ship and two popular cruise lines recently received approval for sailings to Cuba: Carnival Cruise Line and Holland America Line.


Do Mobile Apps Create Magic

How important are mobile apps to travel and hospitality? According to a new J.D. Power survey, mobile apps are becoming as central to the hotel guest experience as soft pillows, extra towels and a competitive price. However, when it comes to online and direct bookings, the jury is still out.



The Pierre: Mad Men Moments 2017

New York City can be a challenging place to visit: crowded sidewalks, traffic jams, high prices for nearly everything and constant competition for city comforts. So a stay in New York City should come with a few treats, and one of those delights should be time travel to a more innocent age with a stay at The Pierre.


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