July 1, 2017

Summer Vacation 2017: Myths and Momentum

Americans are still sorely lacking when it comes to taking that so elusive summer vacation and it turns out there are some states and cities where this offense is quite pronounced.


Short List for Big Spenders 2017

With a quarter century of luxury advising under its belt, Virtuoso, the elite international luxury travel network, is revealing its annual short list for the best of the best in a variety of categories that its agents recommend and book. This is the list to keep.


Luxury Travel to Mongolia? 

Luxury travel to Mongolia is not an oxymoron. A fast rising favorite to this region is taking on luxury travelers that want to travel beyond borders and a bit off the grid, while retaining all the comforts they expect.


Ten Most Popular American Tours

Americans love to travel and much of that travel takes place right in our own backyard. According to tour and attraction booking numbers this year, here are the top ten day tours in the U.S. to consider.


Shanghai Sides: Suzhou Sojourns

In a country so deeply steeped in future forward industrialization, China has a few preserved pathways to the past to be treasured. And so it is with Suzhou, just over an hour from Shanghai but mired in the Song Dynasty.


Quick Trips for Airport Layovers

Enduring a long layover at an airport is never fun, but during summer the feeling of being cooped up on a beautiful day can be pure torture. Many airports are located within striking distance of an ocean, or lake, or great shopping and walking districts. Here is a look at five top gateways in the U.S.


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