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July 1, 2018

Portrait of the American Traveler

MMGY Global's Portrait of American Traveler (POAT) survey found, among other interesting fragments, that food is a driving influence when it comes to choosing places to vacation and ways to vacation. Being motivated to vacation in order to experience new cuisines has grown from 51 percent of travelers in 2014 to 70 percent in 2018. 


Shoring up the Off-Ship Experience

A cruise vacation means sailing on a beautiful ship, with comfortable accommodations, fine cuisine and more tantalizing activities than one can possibly do in a week. It also means visiting fascinating ports of call just about every day. So, the question becomes, what's the best way for clients to take advantage of exploring these iconic destinations?


Resort Buyouts: More Wow, Less Worry

Resort buyouts are a trending concern among group travel agents and meetings professionals, who will find sublime rewards seen and unseen. Whether weddings, celebrations or meetings, however, finding the right hotel or resort for the purpose at hand is the key. Not every property is a good bet for a buyout meeting or event, Not every resort can handle a take-over by a flowing and happy party.  


Orlando Vacation Primer: Expert To-Dos 

Orlando, a perpetual top domestic destination, especially for families, welcomed 72 million visitors in 2017 - a five percent increase over the previous year, taking the #2 spot as the most-booked domestic vacation destination in the nation behind an Alaskan cruise and just ahead of Las Vegas. Here are just some of the reasons.

Pack Light, Roll Tight: Latest in Flyer Wear

By Christopher Elliott

Scott Jordan didn't mean to change the way people pack - or more specifically, don't pack when he started ScottEVest 18 years ago. He thought his multi-pocketed clothes would catch on with gadget users. But then 9/11 happened. Suddenly, checked bags were being scanned, rifled through, and restricted. Jordan's just-launched clothing line clicked with time-strapped frequent fliers eager to avoid airport security delays.


Three Days in Suzhou

Located just 60 miles west of Shanghai, travelers will discover vibrant history, grand canals, classical gardens, and authentic culture in the ancient city of Suzhou, a world heritage spot dating back 2,500 years. Even with its old-world appeal, Suzhou is one of the most developed cities in the country. Modern transportation systems make it easy to incorporate 48 hours in the"Venice of the East" into any trip to China.

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