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July 1, 2019
  • Latest Phishing Scams to Watch

  • Travel by the Installment Plan

  • Is Reykjavik the New Cannes?

  • Andronis Exclusive Turning Heads in Santorini

  • Minor Hotels: Quiet Name, Large Empire

  • Fairs, Fests and Roadside Attractions 


Phishing Scams All the Rage This Summer

The travel space is seeing a rise in phishing scams and domain spoofing as travel records are making easy targets for hacking experts to reach travelers in ways they may otherwise trust.


Travel Payments: Splitting the Difference

According to a report published by leading global payment solution Splitit Payments Ltd, consumers want to pay for travel expenses in interest-free monthly installments and, if given the option to do so, would make travel purchases farther in advance and spend more on upgrades, food and entertainment. 

Andronis Exclusive: Stunners in Santorini

Santorini is graced with eternal sunshine, beautiful landscapes, picturesque villages, and decadent fresh Greek cuisine. Andronis Exclusive brings an extensive portfolio of luxury suites, honeymoon retreats, villas, and a new wellness resort anchored amid Santorini's legendary white-washed villages overlooking the Aegean Sea in the charming villages of Oia, Imerovigli and Fira. Each offers its own twist on a luxury vacation with a sweet focus on romance.  


Iceland in Spotlight with 2020 Film Fest 

Cannes getting too crowded? Reykjavik may be just the ticket for clients seeking time in the spotlight. For those in search of glam, fashion, parties and the latest in film promotions, Reykjavik, Iceland will be the place to be December 2020, where the best of the best in current European film production will be given the top awards.


Minor Hotels: Quiet Name, Large Empire

By Norman Sklarewitz

If there's a graduate student at the Harvard Business School looking for a company to analyze, here's a suggestion:  Check out Minor Hotels. Never heard of it? Not surprising. For starters, its headquarters in, of all places, Bangkok.  And, in terms of corporate organization, it pretty much disregards most text book mandates. Instead of linking company components with neat lines, the table of organization looks more like a spider web. Quips one company source, "As Minor Hotels is a fast-growing company, its structure is changing by the minute." 


Summer Fairs, Fests & Roadside Wonders 

By Susan Mckee

Ah! Summer! A time to enjoy being outdoors. Festivals take advantage of the season to entice visitors with unique experiences and local food. Here's a list of spots worth exploring this summer. 

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