June 15, 2017


Survey Cites Escalating Demand for Vanishing Destinations

U.S. adults who have traveled during the past year are beginning to sound the horn on the importance of visiting vanishing destinations before it is too late, according to the latest TravelHorizons survey. 


Tree House Hotels: Latest Trend

The latest trend in hospitality may soon see some hotels towering above the competition. Travelers may not have their head in the clouds when they dream about renting a room in the trees. Hotels.com cites a trend that saw a a one third overall increase in demand for treehouse hotel stays last year.


Europe Fast and Slow

In planning a vacation in Europe, two cool hotels are turning heads for vacations, whether for this summer or winter. Look to Ultima Gstaad in Switzerland and the brand new Almanac Hotel Barcelona. 


Cruise Cents: Finding the Savings 

After an extensive study focused on cruise price monitoring across the cruise lines an industry watchdog site shows where the spikes and dips on cabin rates can be found.


10 Crazy Colorado Adventures 2017

Colorado has the rugged terrain and outdoor beauty to bring more than a few over the top possibilities to mind for those wanting to create wild and crazy mountain adventures this summer. Here are our top 10 faves.


Summer of Love Packages in SF

San Francisco is celebrating an anniversary in style. The half century mark for the Summer of Love looks back to 1967 and the counterculture phenomenon that drew nearly 100,000 young people to the Haight. So the city is once again bringing on the dreamers and hopers and welcoming them with flowers to put in their hair.


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