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June 1, 2019

Behind those Bucket Lists? Insights

What do Americans want when it comes to Bucket List travel? Sifting and qualifying a batch of some 2,000 Americans for answers, the survey found that while 95 percent of those polled claimed to have a Bucket List, only 66 percent had a plan of attack and 21 percent noted that their lists change every month.


Travel Leaders: Hot Trends in Travel

Los Angeles is a jumping off point to places far afield in and across the Pacific. And, according to Travel Leaders, those living in Los Angeles or choosing to head off to their vacations from Southern California are traveling farther and in ever greater numbers.


World's Priciest Resort Opens in Pacific

The world's most exclusive resort recently opened in the Philippines. Banwa Private Island opened in April to become not only the most exclusive resort in the Philippines but the most luxurious resort in the world, topping all bragging rights with a resort rate of $100,000 a night, three nights minimum. But that buys a lot of unlimited pampering, rare adventures, exquisite culinary concepts and ecological mindfulness.


Norwegian Joy: Renewed and Roaring

By David Yeskel

The tale of Norwegian Joy's return from China is a fascinating business story. The ship, originally built, designed and launched for the Chinese market two years ago (and featuring the first go-kart track at sea) was a stunner.  The tale is a testament to the flexibility of the cruise industry and to the vision of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings (Norwegian Cruise Line's parent company) management.


Packages, Perks and Value at CA Inns

Vacationers seeking wine weekends with spa treatments amid California's quaint mountain towns and wine regions can consider intimate stays at unique area boutique hotels or B&Bs. The California Association of Boutique & Breakfast Inns is making choices easier with deals on spa packages that can be folded into aspirational vacations. Room packages often include a choice of spa treatments and an array of romantic extras.


Cox & Kings: Cool Comforts at Kumbh Mela

By Susan Shapiro

The Kumbh Mela will probably be the most fascinating event you will ever attend in your lifetime.  It was for me. As someone who's been around the world twice and visited more than 110 countries, that should indicate how impressive this riveting pilgrimage can be.

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