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May 1, 2018

Beds in Space? Book These $10m Vacations

Space travel may still linger at a distance from anything we can imagine. Yet, the first-ever luxury space hotel was introduced recently during the Space 2.0 Summit and in 2022, Aurora Station is expected to welcome its first leisure space travel guests - for $10 million a pop. 


Top Spots for Summer 2018

As Memorial Day officially kicks off the summer season at the end of this month, online booking engines are weighing in with what's hot, what's popular, what's worth it and what's not in destinations and resorts near and far. 


New Gold in Grenada with Silversands

Luxury Resorts in Grenada: Find Gold at Silversands  Luxury resorts in Grenada may be few and far between, but the super luxurious Silversands resort is changing that as it opens with 40 decked out suites and nine stunning residences on Grand Anse Beach. 


Vacation Inflation: Seeking Truth in Travel

It's time to tell the truth about your last vacation -- the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Was that hotel or vacation rental overrated? Did that five-star restaurant only deserve four stars -- or less? Was the place too crowded, too expensive?


Affluent Travelers Want to go the Distance

A recent survey conducted by Travel Leaders Group reveals that luxury travelers are most interested in exclusive access experiences, particularly VIP tours, private cars and drivers, and customized culinary experiences. Similarly, a survey by Virtuoso showed the desire for experiences that foster genuine human connection. 


Finding Solace and Scenery in Alaska

Amy Hurley of Boston cruised in Alaska in 2017 with three generations of her family. Outside of Ketchikan, she had a jaw-dropping moment - the kind you dream about in anticipation of a cruise to a bucket list destination.

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