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April 15, 2018

Pets on a Plane? Furs Things First

Airline Travel with a pet has been a topic of serious conversation for years. Today, those policies vary by airline and all have their own rules and restrictions that depend on circumstances that may change based on the news of the day. Here is a general breakdown for those who want to fly the Friendly Skies with Fido. 


Bleisure: What's Behind Business Travel

It may not seem like stealing but that's often what today's business travelers feel they have to do in order to squeeze in a worthy vacation. New research shows frequent business travelers are displaying a healthy habit of managing work/life balance on the road - but many are keeping it to themselves.


Romancing the Stone: Six Senses Zil Pasyon

Romance is what visitors will find at Six Senses Resort Zil Pasyon in the Seychelles. On precious Félicité Island in the warm Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa, guests will also get something else: the unexpected. 



Death Valley: Endless Skies, Sublime Soaks

Death Valley National Park brings on a world of unsung fascination but does not demand "roughing it" in the equation. Rather, luxury is an odd bedfellow in an area that boasts some of the harshest natural conditions in the world.


Best Bets in Bangkok for Thai Massages

While Bangkok offers film-quality intrigue, exotic food choices and seductive shopping opportunities, it also offers affordable spa treats for tired bodies. These can range from impromptu storefront set-ups to eye-popping palaces of sensual splendor, but they will all be sure to offer one primary product: the Thai Massage.


Travel: Hidden Fees and Quick Fixes

When it comes to new travel fees, the sky's the limit. Or, in Liz Pollock's case, the fourth floor of her hotel. Pollock recently checked out of the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Golf Resort Palm Springs Area in Cathedral City, Calif., and discovered a mysterious fee on her hotel bill: a "top-floor" surcharge of $7 per night.

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