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March 15, 2018

10 Tips for Travelers: Surviving Bad Weather

Whether it’s during a winter “Bomb Cyclone” or damaging ice storms and heavy winds, severe weather can affect travel plans for leisure and business no matter where travelers are trying to go. Tips for getting through the storm.


Wintering in Florida: Top Luxury Stays

Those lucky enough to catch unimpeded flights to The Sunshine State will no doubt look for some luxury and pampering during their stay. A survey by Luxury-Hotels.com checked out the best room rates to be found this month at the top of the hotel chain.


Wellness Travel: The Why and the Where

Wellness was at the heart of the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show this year with items complementing the fast-growing wellness economy that now accounts for some $3.7 trillion in spending worldwide. Enhancing this trend: a healthy selection of luxury wellness resorts, each offering its own spin on pampering and peaceful perambulations. Here are several options from the Kurtz-Ahlers collection of exclusive resorts.


Forbes Travel Guide: Behind the Gold

As Forbes Travel Guide hits its sixth decade in decoding what luxury and service mean in hospitality industry, Travel-Intel spoke with Forbes Travel CEO Jerry Inzerillo to find out just what it takes for a hotel to make the cut.


Windstar's Power Yachts: A Best Kept Secret

By David Yeskel

Small ship, boutique line Windstar Cruises has always been synonymous with its three sailing ships, gorgeous vessels that give passengers goosebumps when the massive sails unfurl to the tune of Vangelis’ stirring “Conquest of Paradise”.  But a game-changer for Windstar was actually the line’s 2015 acquisition of Seabourn’s original trio of 212-passenger ships, now dubbed the “All-Suite Power Yachts.”


Luxe Mallorca: Savvy Stay in Old Palma

Sant Francesc Hotel Singular, a luxury Hotel in Mallorca in the heart of Palma’s celebrated Old City, offers plenty of not-to-be-missed modern panache within the bones of the island’s past.

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