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February 1, 2019

Travel Worth Targeting in 2019

For those who keep a bucket list, there is no time like the new year to check off the progress. With a strong U.S. economy still in motion and favorable currency exchanges afoot, 2019 may be a bucket list year for many Americans. For those in need of some inspiration or timely recommendations, here's a starter list to spark the imagination.


Future Travel: Uber Air is Coming

The concept of Uber Air is quite real, according to Uber executives and others in attendance at this year's CES and the grand moves have been stirring a tornado of questions, concerns and awe. Uber hopes to see its vision come to life by 2020.  But whether these air taxis will fly ... that's another story.


Travel Tech: Latest Gear from CES 2019

At CES 2019 there were machines that baked a perfect bread and others that folded clothes, shirts that communicate with other shirts, shoes that tell you where you've been, and water bottles that make coffee on the go. For travelers, the list just keeps mounting. Here is a curated vision of tech gear on the way to make traveling all the easier. 


Bespoke Travel in Bolivia

Bolivia is just the place to make the senses pop. It compares with Texas in size, but packs plenty of out-of-this-world beauty and awe for the traveler that wants to be be wowed. Crillon Tours takes up this challenge and offers the wilds of Bolivia on a platter with bespoke luxury experiences to fit any need. 


HAL�s Nieuw Statendam Raises the Bar

The gorgeous, new 2,666-passenger vessel matches the Koningsdam's lighter, contemporary decor and graceful, curving lines, but brings a few new product features soon be matched on sister ships and followed fleetwide.


Travel by Chocolate: What a Way to Go

Chocolate is a good reason to travel - especially in February. Whether the preference is hot, liquid and topped with marshmallows, or as a dark and flavorful coating for a yummy ganache filling, there's a chocolate event to meet every taste. What about pairing chocolate treats with red wine? There are festivals for that. 

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