January 22, 2017

Best New Luxury Safaris for 2017

Searching for the wild heart of Africa can be the most magical of experiences. These new luxury safaris offer premium views, expert guidance and the chance to truly get among rhinos, hyenas and hippos.

All Year Ice Hotel Opens in Sweden

The first year-round ice hotel in the world, Icehotel 365, opened in Jukkasj�rvi, Sweden with 20 luxury suites constructed with snow and ice from the nearby Torne River.


Inside the Largest Cruise Ship Ever

The largest cruise ship in the world, Harmony of the Seas, promises adventure at every turn. The ship comes fitted with a slide that takes guests on a 10 story plunge. Following its debut in November, here is a full look at Royal Caribbean�s newest fleet addition.


Violent Vacations: Top Crime Tours

Crime is not something most cities brag about. But a number of our major metro areas have a history of headline grabbing criminal activity that undeniably attracts the interest and curiosity of visitors. Here is a curated list of sleuthful vacations that will intrigue and educate your clients. 


Beyond the Suite: Cabins, Villas and Treehouses

Travelers looking for variety can now have it. Some properties are giving their guests a chance to spend a night or more in some most unusual lodgings.


10 Best Places to Visit in Jordan

Although clearly in the heart of the Middle East, Jordan can still be the ideal destination for those who want to explore this part of the world. A trip to Jordan offers the chance to visit ancient cities, admire magnificent granite cliffs, see secluded deserts and even swim in the Dead Sea.